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Not sure the yellow lighting on the white walls is an improvement on the orange - looks a bit anaemic. Ditto with replacing the wooden panels in the weather corner with more white. And, while I wasn't a fan of all the wood behind the sofa, the new white bits don't look quite right as they merge with the pale sofa in some shots.

Unlike some people, though, I do think the changes to the desk are a good thing - I was never a fan of all the wood.

All in all, fairly insubstantial tweaks - but it's a nice studio so I'm glad they haven't tinkered with it too much.
The last thread about 254 pages long, there debatw about lenghts etc.
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I like the little changes. The white around the weather screen brightens up that corner. Like others have said I'm not sure about the screens behind the sofa. I feel that they may have been better getting rid of all of the wood in favour of the white panelling that could be lit more effectively or led panels similar to breakfast.

The desk is a very nice adaption of the previous though the odd bit of wood left looks a little odd now.

I like the little changes to graphics especially the circle wipe into the break bumper. The news panel looks nice, not as nice as Peston on Sunday, but a nice change. However the rounded bar doesn't sit nicely IMO and should be replaced by the squares used on the main ITV bulletins in the corner of the image (if that makes any sense).
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Lovely subtle refresh today.
-Good that the voicover has changed.
-Also noticed at the open shot the studio lighting changed colour in sync with the music before settling on yellow.
-The weather corner is much brighter without the wood and the new screen is much bigger.
-The desk is nice with a few tweaks, however the lights on the desk can change colour so why aren't they yellow to match the other lights?
-The sofa area is much brighter now with the white panels added and it's a nice change.
-And finally, the grass has gone Laughing
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