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Nobody likes the phrase "Piers Morgan" is right, but he's right. That poor kid will probably never be invited around to friends houses again just incase they get invoiced for the privelege.

At the rate kids grow at that age what sensible mother or father would pay £325 for shoes the woman is do lally and as for the invoice well that child is going to grow up spoilt and alone at this rate!

Well done Peirs not always a fan of your "charm" but bang on this time
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Apparently this is not the first time she has been on Television either as the article below from Digital Spy confirms:


She knew what she was doing and knew what to expect; let's hope Piers doesn't get into any trouble over this.

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If you add phillipschofe on Snapchat, he has posted behind the scenes of a new ITV Daytime promo featuring himself and Holly, Piers and Susanna.

Looks like a circle split into four. I assume each quarter is a different daytime show.

Looks like they may use them for a promo. May possibly use them as the static images for the coming up screen of daytime shown before Emmerdale?
The way the camera pans around the presenters reminds me of the 2004 gmtv ident of the presenters:
Trying to picture how this sort of ident would look in 2017 with Piers & Susanna 😂.
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A small technical glitch just occurred on GMB. When going into the local weather, there is no sound for the ad or the entire weather forecast! The forecast ends and it's time to cut back to the studio but it took at least 6 seconds to go back.

I will provide video evidence soon
Seriously, just do us all a favour and close Sky Two..
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