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STV Central Reporting Scotland
Interesting coming up menu there.

Coming Up wipe to Richard at the screen with what he has coming, camera then pulls out
Coming up wipe to a blurred view of one of the light boxes on the ceiling. with difference boxes animating showing items coming up after 7.
Wipe straight into the ITV bumper
UBox556 posts since 31 May 2015
Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
It's quite a contrast from all of the dark wood to the white panels. Quite liking the OTS but the desk looks like they've thrown together bits of random other desks.

EDIT - Also are the yellow lights around the rostrum new or did they just have them a different colour?

It also looks slightly less white here: https://twitter.com/Lauratobin1/status/772669320761581568?s=09
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JamesTV277 posts since 4 Mar 2015
Westcountry Spotlight
It all started off so well and then towards the end of the programme, it went downhill.

They were running late so had a very short weather update at 8:31 and then handed straight to Lorraine without closing music.

I thought they may start closing the show properly from today but that's too much to ask. Maybe it was because they were running late.

This close looked so much better than simply handing over to Lorraine:
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