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The comparisons between Breakfast and GMB are unfair really. One caters for older audiences that want a quick news digest (until 8.30) with a more leisure/entertainment lighter format at the tail end, while the other is a shock jock/fluff hybrid aimed at housewives.

Morgan's monologue at 6.30 is right out of right-wing American talk radio.
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Just going to leave this comparison here...

Childish and completely unneeded. The interview with the drag queen on GMB was very good. Captivating story, very well spoken and well articulated. Much prefer that to the BBC kissing the PM’s arse and not really holding him to account.
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The comments aren’t very positive regarding Ben’s twitter post. Bored to death of BBC Breakfast I find it unwatchable these days I think Dan is way out of his depth. It’s incredibly boring and stale! The couch is falling to bits and their guests are of extremely poor quality. GMB s***s all over it in my opinion much more variety and they’re not afraid to try new things.

I'd hardly describe a 30 minute live interview with the PM as a "guest of poor quality". I think a quick glance at the average viewing figures shows that GMB most certainly doesn't "s***s all over it" - quite the opposite, in fact.
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Morgan's monologue at 6.30 is right out of right-wing American talk radio.

Finding myself unusually free for 10 minutes at 6:30 the other day I tuned in. What I find odd about it is both Morgan and Reid never glance at each other, and Reid just interjects every 15 seconds or so looking straight into the camera. It's an odd thing to see on TV, but would be (and is) more natural on the radio.

The wide shots are even worse, with the two other presenters flanking the pair sat motionless in a state of shock
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So Australia time, it would have been evening when it was recorded (is that right 🙃?), if Lorraine was playing behind Piers

Oh hang on, Oz is live isn't it, so Lorraine playing is a recording...
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