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Good Morning Britain in 2020

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Jonwo (previously Jonwo87)
I can't imagine Kate returning to GMB until September at the earliest
Brekkie Wales Wales Today

I think during the last summer he hosted GMB (maybe 2017?) he did both. I’d imagine it’s a pretty long day though, so potentially not something Eamonn would want to be doing all that often.

- Eamonn will be doing 5 days on This Morning not 4

Oh, so they're not having separate Friday presenters then?

I imagine they will. I think people took them saying they'll be back every day during the summer literally.

I don't really think it is appropriate to speculate too much over Kate Garraway but if I was in her position with two young children and a partner who has only just opened his eyes after months being in intensive care I don't think I'd be ready to return to work, although understandable if she feels like she needs some normality back in her life.
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Ben Shatliff and Soupnzi gave kudos
what West Country (East) Points West
They’ve now made a trailer highlighting the fact it’s been over 2 months since the boycott began.

This is coming across as really petty and childish on ITV’s part.
Ben Shatliff Granada North West Today
what posted:
They’ve now made a trailer highlighting the fact it’s been over 2 months since the boycott began.

This is coming across as really petty and childish on ITV’s part.

That rolled just before 6AM this morning too. Just before Good Morning Britain was due to begin.
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Capybara Granada North West Today
Absolutely ridiculous behaviour from Piers this morning. Around 8:50 they were to have a guest that keeps Tweeting celebrities about their favourite cheese, but a short weather from Laura first. Laura makes a cheese joke before starting, so she's not allowed to do the weather? Piers starts by complaining at the joke (as people usually do if it's a cheesy one, no pun intended) but then says that because of that there's no weather. He continues to speak over Laura saying "No weather, it's going to be fine, that's all you need to know" and then moves to his guest. Cuts to a live shot and that's it. No weather bulletin because Piers has taken it too far, as usual. A few years ago Susanna would never have put up with this, and neither would anyone in the gallery either, but now they've realised he's a publicity machine they're willing to let him walk all over them. Somebody seriously needs to put him in his place.
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DavidWhitfield Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Every time he goes off-road and decides to do what he likes and goes unchallenged for it, he comes back the next day more emboldened in the idea that he can do and say anything he fancies and it'll all be grand.

I get that GMB like to think of themselves as the cool alternative, not afraid to do things differently to 'normal' breakfast shows, but it gets to a stage where you're not 'cutting edge' or 'appealing to a different audience', you're just downright unprofessional and unwatchable and Piers/GMB passed that line a hell of a long time ago for me.
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Dave Founding member World News
Hopefully the summer break will enable the show to have some sort of reset. Hope they get some government people on over the summer.

It was fun at first to watch but you can't have it as background TV as you get ready for work - it's all too much in your face so you just turn it off and brush your teeth in silence!
JamesWorldNews STV Central World News
Adil Ray has confirmed that he will be presenting GMB every week, starting from next week, until the end of August.

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Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
If next week’s listings are correct then it’s the return of “Lorraine” next week
Lester Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
I've noticed the last two days that at 7am they have actually been on time. I was quite surprised!
BFGArmy Channel Channel Islands
Piers Morgan being an loudmouth bully ... colour me shocked. If only there was some indication from Piers's career of this.

And no surprise too that if GMB don't pull him on his antics, shock horror he'll continue with them.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Piers won't change until GMB comes under new management, and even then Piers won't change.
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