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JasonB4,473 posts since 20 Sep 2003
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Monday there will be the usual disappointment from the younger posters after anoilyrag's teases don't live up to their expectations.

"changes coming September" Jason, do indulge me on which expectations have been set for you?

I was just pointing out that what ever the "changes" are, we'll still get the usual lot that'll moan about them on here.

I'm not a GMB fanboy, it's only something I have on in the background while getting ready for work.
fanoftv7,543 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today
We'll have to wait until 6am tomorrow morning.

I'm guessing graphic changes, maybe something to the theme. I'm presuming that there will be no big set changes as the show was in the studio on Friday rather than This Morning last year who were out of the studio for at least half a week. Hopefully there will be a change of desk. I've never felt that that design fits in well with the rest of the set.
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