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HarryB2,037 posts since 1 Nov 2013
Sofa has extra piece on it, like the press shots. The windows at the sofa have had frames added at the top, which does look odd.

Ben also has a new coffee table next to him to match with the desk. But still have the old one in the middle.
fanoftv7,537 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today
Hmm. When the content is something that needs looking at why are they making cosmetic changes? I haven't heard the toth, but those brief clips in to and out of the regional news shows me that the new music is FAR too light, especially going back into news stories.

I'm wondering if this was the planned music that should have been used for Lorraine from April until they opted for a reversion of the last theme for her show.

A new part added to the sofa - could be a reason to decrease the desk size, and a return of flowers and bizarre squares added to the top of the sofa windows.
DanielK3,308 posts since 1 Oct 2011
STV Central Reporting Scotland
It looks that the all of the surrounding to the sofa screens has been changed with beading added, is the wood different or is that my eyes?

Nah, they have changed it.

A very news heavy half hour, even with the entertainment. Weather sting is the same and fits in with the theme more.

Hopefully the old theme isn't totally gone...possibly breaking news/special edition theme?

Sting after the end of the weather, makes the half past open (really the :31 past open today...) feel like the TOTH, good choice.
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