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I have just been watching The Bishop's Wife on DVD and I remember it being shown on Granada one Monday Afternoon in the Summer of 1985 in what was called The Golden Greats. Enchantment and My Foolish Heart were amongst other films shown.

Was it just the three films shown in that series or were there more? Just interested that's all if anybody else remembers.

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I don't remember it but give me a bit of time this evening and I will see if other films were broadcast in this series.
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Thank you, I have tried doing a Google Search but not been effective. I remember it was duirng the school holidays in 1985 July/August.

According to Times Digital Archive the following films were shown (at 1.30pm unless stated):
15th July - They got Me Covered
22nd July - Bishop's Wife
29th July - Enchantment
5th August - My Foolish Heart
No film on 12th August because of Cricket coverage.
19th August - Little Nellie Kelly
No film on 26th August (Bank holiday sport)
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You bet me to it Wink

Alot of the ITV companies had Movies on a Monday afternoon
STV called it that aswell
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How do you get on to Times Digital Archive to search for TV Listings?

Because I work in (and also a member of) a library, I can access the Times Digital Archive for free (Just by entering your library card number!). I suggest contacting your local library to see if they offer this too.
"They don't want your name, just your number"