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Granada North West Today
Hoping that is just for illustrative purposes - surely they can't be branding shows nearly 30 years old as "New and Exclusive"

Series 2 of Mrs Brown's Boys already has a 'NEW' logo as part of the DOG, despite being repeated on BBC One.

I don't think people will mistake a 'New to Gold' repeat of a hugely popular series that originally went out on BBC One as a brand new series exclusive to Gold…
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UTV Newsline
They can't fit in "Cartoon Network" in full, but can fit in "Made In Cardiff" which are both 15 letters long.

Comedy Central is only 14 letters and yet it isn't in full, they took the space between the words away to fit it in.

Seeing "Sky SpN HQ HD" makes me laugh. Surely they should have thought about longer channel names when redesigning the EPG and perhaps gave a thought to making the space larger or using channel logos in the EPG and longer text names in the S&S banner?