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I expect post to come in any time now from non digital vewers who havent sceen it before. One thing I ahve noticed, the ticker only seems to be advertising footie programes on the ITV channels and not brief footie news
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As bad as I expect it to be.
Shoddy graphics - I prefer the Beeb's.
The guests are half asleep and they've already taken a break.
Seems Sky is the only broadcaster that has a clue about football.
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So far I've heard most comprehensive, fastest, reliable, up-to-date and about 500 plugs for The Premiership.
Perhaps if they stopped plugging themselves for a second and started to cover the football; it might improve.
Well, I like ITV Sport!!!!!
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I am getting annoyed with them plugging the Premiership now!
From first impressions the programme is better than the Beeb's - although they've just taken ANOTHER ad break.
Actually - looking at the Beeb's graphics again, I rather like ITV's!
But Sky still seems the better service overall, and they don't have graphics hogging the screen.
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I notice neither channel can be bothered putting in the pools 'score draws' ticker anymore.
Quite why they bothered with that before I don't know.

I can see what you mean about the premiership show. I wish thier ticker at the top of the screen sould STOP advertising there Football shows in the ticker at the tpo. Also does the ticker stay in the breaks on ITV1. I'm watching on an old smalll B/W TV and dont know if it's my small screen or don't have it on ITV1
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Actually, do we know if the BBC resolved their dispute with ITV about getting the live premiership feeds for internal use (i.e. radio 5 etc.)?

Sky Sports's superior Soccer Saturday have FOUR reporters LIVE in-vision at Premiership grounds. ITV have NONE! Infact on Sky the ex-pros (ex. Nick Collins) watching ALL the Premiership matches can be seen. On ITV they only have ISDN voice links with the grounds.

In the small part of Goal Rush I saw a female reporter (it should remain a male preserve, who know what they are talking about!) get a score TOTALLY wrong & the gallery was heard announcing a 'goal at vicarage road'
5 Live were offered by feed by ITV for 183m!

5 Live just took the feed for granted after having it for so long!
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I'm not sure my sister would agree with your comments about women!
But I think Sky is still in a league of its own when it comes to football coverage, if you'll excuse the pun.
The bloke on Sky - Chris Camara(?) who always turns his back to the match and consequently misses everything is just hilarious!
BBC Wales are taking their own programme I notice...