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Watching a Nostalgia Nerd video where he's comparing a 1995 Christmas Index catalogue to an Argos from this year. Now this is from a time I would skip all this boring stuff and head straight to the toys, but I've never knew that GMTV had branded stuff like this.

Fingers crossed for a GMB Kettle for next Christmas!

From 13:50:
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I always preferred Index to Argos, especially their end of season sales where they'd often sell their own-label stuff for ridiculous bargain prices like 80% off. Shame they disappeared.
Didn't Carlton also have products to buy?
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Of course, as a boy growing up in the early 80's, you also headed to another page in the Argos catalogue, other than the toys, games or watches..

Glass shower curtains.. That's all I'll say Wink

Good job you never got your hands on the Kays or Grattans catalogues!

Kay has her own catalogue??????? Blimey! That lady is talented.
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