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Whataday10,617 posts since 13 Sep 2001
Nice christmas titles on GMTV today. The tree has too many purple balls on but it's not bad. And the short GMTV ident shown before GMTV Today and the NewsHour is great! It is a jingly version of their 1996 idents!

Any caps?
They have done a really good job. Did you notice the decorations on BBC Breakfast. A bit OTT I think.
The GMTV Christmas look was nice, not as tacky like in past years.
ryan53 posts since 31 Oct 2005
If anyone has got the opening titles for GMTV today please send them to me, as I quite like them. Also, anything on GMTV2 (sounds, pictures etc) would be appreciated. I've never seen it before and would love to see it.
Square Eyes7,870 posts since 31 Mar 2001
Ahem.... well the GMTV Christmas titles are currently appearing on a certain [s]om[e]body's web[s]it[e] available for download right now !!!

And if you're really den[s][e] just click on the link below and go to Advent Calendar !