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Anthea Turner's last day

Shame the audio is so low. The user has some other clips too.

Wow, you could really tell the loathing Eamonn had for Anthea in this clip! Very strained.... love the way he storms off the set in a huff at the end. It was toe curling padding though. Lord I found Anthea Turner irritating and fake, am glad she is by in large off our screens these days.
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The 2009 rebrand was awful IMO.

The 2009 rebrand was the most professional and comprehensive that they'd ever done. I think what let it down was the titles sequence and music.

The full length theme was actually pretty decent and it's a shame it didn't get used alongside some proper titles:


Except that wasn't a full length theme. There was no track like that produced in 2009, it's actually a cut from the full length closing titles (it's missing 2 loops of the headline bed between the initial melody and the final part).
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