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Steve in Pudsey
I disagree. Look at the BBC CGI globe from 1991, or the OU animation from the same package, a bit of simple drop shadow it pretty straightforward, especially if you have all the time in the world to render the thing.
However, GMTV was never really known for consistency when it came to introducing new graphics packages. Didn't the GMTV2 ident feature the new 2000 logo way before it was introduced?

Correct, GMTV2 launched on 4th January 1999, however the logo for it first appeared on ITV2's second day, Tuesday 8th December 1998 when the coming soon filler started on the channel.

The GMTV logo on that was different than the one used in 2000, from what I remember the GMTV2 logo was used for GMTV Kids for a short while.

I'm sure the 1996 clock lasted sometime (font intact) well into 2000.
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If im correct the titles changes in july/august 1996 but the clock never until new years day 1997.

Edit. The 97 clock lasted until september until 2002. There was a minor change to it in jan2000.
Their first ident... do we think that was a model or CGI? I think the lighting/shadows on it were too good for it to be CGI at the time.

Definately motion-controlled film shot.
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Whats the deal with this? i don't remember the Philip & Emma segment of GMTV during 1997? I hope it wasn't continued into the summer holidays.

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I thought it WAS the summer holiday segment...
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The date is june. Gmtv were still providing kids programmes at 08.30 during school holidays until 1999 i think.
Could they have been filling in for Lorraine whilst she was doing another project. I'm presuming by 1997 that Lorraine occupied the 8:40 slot.

EDIT: Here's a bit of information:
PHILLIP SCHOFIELD and Emma Forbes are to be tried out as the new faces of GMTV.

They will front the ITV breakfast station for a week, with a view to taking over regularly.

Fiona Phillips, a former showbusiness reporter, has been promoted to work alongside Eamonn Holmes as a main presenter. But station bosses apparently hope 34-year-old Schofield and 31-year-old Miss Forbes will front the show during school holidays.

The pair - who presented the BBC children's Saturday morning programme Going Live - will officially front GMTV as a `one-off' during half-term in February.


Presumably they came back if this was from June. Could it have been a late half term?
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Wishing I Was Lucky was released in April 1987, of course thats not when it become a hit.

06.06.1987 was when it reached N06 the week before it was no10.
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17 days later

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News hour local titles from 95-96

Here is a REAL treat, Scottish opt out for Scottish Easter holidays, while the rest of the network get Top of the morning,
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I had no idea that a split-service existed during school holidays. Easter is obviously the same date everywhere - did the Scottish schools break up a week earlier than south of the border, or did they go back later? How often did this split service take place?

When we say 'Scotland' opted out, what does that mean exactly? STV, Grampian and all of Border, or just Border Scotland? I believe Scottish ads are seen in the Border England area on Channels 4 and 5 - did the GMTV macro mirror this?
Whataday Founding member
Surely as GMTV was capable of regional opt outs for news, it must have been pretty straight forward to provide different programming for each region.

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