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You're correct. After wos finished part of the set was left in situ (camera left - the sort of faux control rooms). I suspect there were left there simply for cost saving reasons. But all that went when the studio was converted to component to produce a weekday programme for bsb.

Where did they do the remnants of WOS - Saint & Greavsie and the Results Service? Just a guess but could the 'faux control room' set maybe have been used for the latter for a while?

A long time me ago. I suspect S&G was from the corner of st5. Behind and to camera right ofdickie davies' original position. It was hardly a big set.

I don't remember the results service after wos, do you have any sort of screen grab?
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Here's a video of the Results Service from 1987 (two years after WOS ended. I assume it started straight after?) different set, but presumably Studio 5?

EDIT - just noticed that it had the same music and titles style as WoS did at the end of it's run
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Here it is a year later

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Thanks for the postings, too difficult to tell I'm afraid. St5 never had its own control rooms at the time, and was controlled from st3. I wonder if the set moved between st3 & 5 but I can't think why if S&G and the results service were long term fixtures. Sorry I can't be more helpful, I may be able to ask a few other people in the next couple of months.
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This must be one of the earliest appearances of Kate Garraway on GMTV as a Sunday Morning newsreader. This was taped in 1997 so would be in between her stints at Meridian Tonight and BBC News 24/Sky News, before she presumably returned to GMTV full time at the turn of the millennium.

Assuming this was one of her first appearances, she'll be marking 20 years at ITV Breakfast this year, albeit not consecutively.

Start from 6:32.
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The Saturday person looked like Michaela Strachan, it just seems weird there were using that branding for pre school programmes, like Fun Song Factory because at 7am it would have been Wake up in the wild room, and then Power rangers at 08.50am.

GMTV always used to have a news bulletin on a Saturday at 6am I wonder where that went.