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Some archive clips were shown on this morning's GMTV Today, including the very first 6am opening on 01/01/93. Eammon and Fiona and John and Penny were back today by the way,

Lorraine Kelly also pointed out that it was 18 years for her, what with TV-AM.

Maybe all this will stop the average person and the media thinking GMTV and TV-AM are the same thing!

Maybe this thread could feature some reminiscences just like the CITV thread!

To start it off, when did John Stapleton join GMTV? and who used to present the News Hour (or the Reuters News Hour as it used to be branded) before him?
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Square Eyes posted:
Wasn't it Matt Lorenzo, former ITV Sport and now Sky Sports News presenter who presented the News Hour prior to John Stapleton ?

Matt lorenzo did indeed present the news hour or Ross kelly as well.
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..Whilst meanwhile doing the sport on London Tonight for many years.

I saw some of the clips -- they were great, especially the "one day in 10 years they were ever late". Rushing onto an empty sofa, putting their ear things in and complaining about no-one telling them.. Laughing
And if I'm correct the person announcing them in those days was Trish Bertram!

And it is true Fiona Phillips did used to wear some hideous clothes, as she says -- completely ignoring the fact that she continues to do so.. Shocked

On the other hand, Eamonn was quite true in what he said, Penny Smith is indeed getting younger.. [And it's no small wonder when you see what she's getting up to with that guy on her "yoga masterclasses"! Bet she loves that].
Is Penny Smith married to Stapleton?
TVDragon2,799 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Nebe posted:
Is Penny Smith married to Stapleton?

No, John has been married to Lynn Faulds-Wood for over 20 years -- they used to present Watchdog together for a long time, back in the days when Watchdog was good. Although all they ever used to talk about was dodgy flues on boilers and carbon monoxide poisoning..

Penny Smith is TV's most eligible bachelorette, and has a penchant for men half her age [allegedly].
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Nebe posted:
Is Penny Smith married to Stapleton?

LOL No, John Stapleton is married to Lynne Faulds Woods (think that is the spelling)

Penny used to go out with Rory Bremner but not anymore I dont think.
How old is Penny Smith? (so that I can be sure that I'm half her age ...!)
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Nebe posted:
How old is Penny Smith? (so that I can be sure that I'm half her age ...!)


But don't say that to her face, she'll fall over. It's a running joke on GMTV about Penny's age. Today she was wondering what it must be like to turn 40, and how it's a long way away for her.. She insists she's 35 you see.

Penny has had a very long and varied career and has been everywhere, but still looks very good IMO
-- *unashamed Penny fan*

Oh, there was a funny story about Penny's real age being revealed live on air, and how she genuinely *had* been lying for years, and got caught out.. It's since been replaced on the Peterborough website, so you can reach it through a Google cache ~ http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=cache:K0P7FdLIvwgC:www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/fullstory.asp%3Fstoryid%3D9+%22penny+smith%22+age&hl=en&ie=UTF-8
malcyb from WEBFAX
...and Anne Davis, the first co-presenter with Eamonn.
What happened to her?