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I'm amazed Weekend is still going really - always assumed it was just a sweetener for sacking Aled. I don't think it would weaken the GMB brand by having a branded spin-off air at the weekend as long as it is distinguishable from the main show, so branded GMB Today or GMB Weekend with slightly different presentation (as it has now). They could also ship Kate Garraway off there.
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Aaron_20151,131 posts since 11 Mar 2015
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I'm also surprised Weekend hasn't been axed yet. There is obviously some reason why they've decided to keep it going.

Having 'GMB Today' airing Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8:30am - 9:25am would work fairly well I think. Even if it got 100,000 viewers it would probably still be cheaper than Weekend. As Brekkie says, you could ship Garraway off and have her present alongside Kyle. They could even integrate the morning ITV News bulletins at the weekends with pre-recorded handovers.