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I've created this thread because undoubtedly discussion of the new GMB spin-off show will overtake the usual Good Morning Britain thread tomorrow and eventually need posts merging.

Perhaps one of the moderators could move some of the posts over to here?

And given there's scope for the show to return in the future, I think it's wise that it has its own thread. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we'll soon see tomorrow if it proves itself to be a different programme or just an extension of the main show.

Just delete this if I'm wrong Rolling Eyes Laughing
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Truly the television event of the decade, if not the century. A special holiday has been declared so that everyone can experience this momentous occasion together, and the 21st August will hereafter be known as 'GMB Today Day'.

Or it could just be a minor change to the titles and theme tune, 50/50 chance really.

Though being fair, it's better than burying everything in a megathread surrounded by fantasy rotas and who's on leave chat...
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It's basically just the same show, no need for a second thread, which will just duplicate the original thread with the same comments.

If GMTV was still around you wouldn't have a different thread for each strand.

I have to say, without wishing to derail this any further, I always thought that the point of this forum was to discuss presentation developments - as a result if a strand is going to have different branding/pres to remark on then it should have its own thread. While for minor tweaks I'd agree with you (look at the collection of Regions threads over in The Newsroom) - but for significant developments it makes sense to keep it separate.
Oh it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you...
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So what's happening? No more Lorraine?

Lorraine's set is getting yet another makeover which is why we have this new programme for two weeks.

Is this in preparation for the move to TVC? Lorraine doesn't use a permanent set, so why would it take 2 weeks to refresh it? Surely you just strike the old one and set the new one on the next broadcasting day?

I'm guessing "Whilst Lorraine's set gets a makeover" is just their cover story way of saying "We're trying something new"
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The new set for Lorraine isn't why GMB Today is happening. They're putting GMB Today on air to try something new as they have confidence in the show. Lorraine's set is built outside TLS so it's not off air because she's getting a new set.