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Seems there is another 'Great' radio station.


There was also a plan to launch Great Manchester Radio on the Manchester DAB mini-mux, although it’s been ‘coming soon’ for over three years now.

The more I dig into this the stranger it gets. Its all a bit mysterious with one of these stations receiving money from the National lottery but from a different area from which it is based ->

£9,770 to GREAT DRIFFIELD RADIO LIMITED on 1 March, 2018

The group will deliver broadcasting workshops, to include interview techniques, research and recording, for individuals and community groups who are interested in promoting and publicising local events and activities and becoming actively involved in the local community. View full grant details
Filey, Thirsk and Malton, Scarborough
Grant Programme
National Lottery Awards for All

All the above towns are hardly local to, or even in the same county as Driffield. The station seems to be registered to a flat in a pair of semis in Filey opposite a chip shop!

Application details here>

Ive asked a few contacts in the area and no one seems to heard it or of it.

Interestingly the presenters on the Driffield station seem to be the presenters on the Yorkshire one.
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Parker38 posts since 16 May 2019
Hang on there is another one...

Everyone seems to be a director/secretary of the others - a strange little empire.

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..."at the first sign of danger my pussy's hairs stand on end" Betty Slocombe 27/05/1975