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Meridian (South) South Today
Just been announced that Gay Byrne has died, aged 85.

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Central (West) Midlands Today
Just been announced that Gay Byrne has died, aged 85.

Such a great loss of an Irish TV legend...

Rest in peace...
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Nothing much I can add. Certainly one of the smoothest, most unflappable presenters and given the rather conservative nature of Irish television a very brave man. RIP.
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UTV Newsline
RIP Gay Byrne, yet another TV legend taken away from us. RTÉ broadcasted a special news report when the news of Gay’s passing broke, and there will be a special edition of the Late Late Show tomorrow night as a tribute to Gay Byrne.

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UTV Newsline
Anyone remember Gay's Late Late Show being aired on Channel 4 at 5.00pm on the Monday after Friday transmission?

I remember it used to be a 50 minute edited version, focusing on British or international guests on the show.

It was a nice teatime show, and I remember watching it whilst living in the UK with mum and dad, as we could not get the Irish channels of course then, and seeing the show was a nice touch.
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UTV Newsline
I've only heard about Gay Byrne's passing on the Today show a short time ago on RTÉ One.

I cannot believe it. A true legend of Irish broadcasting is now gone from our shores.

He has lived a great career while while working with Radio Eireann & RTÉ throughout his lifetime.

The programmes he had done were something to be cherished from Irish people around the country & all over the globe.

The Today team from RTÉ Cork did a montage of him when the programme ended to make way for Nuacht RTÉ le TG4.

It was very well put together.

RIP Gay Byrne. You will never be forgotten.