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Is it me or is this thing total rubbish?
I had a look this morning during the Sunrise programme on Sky to see if their FTSE Dog was actually live, and accurate... i.e. when the market moves so does the DOG.
I checked it with Bloomberg and CNBC who both have live FTSE DOGS, although I think CNBC is the only one to have a live ticker, but anyway, they were both at the same thing as Sky's DOG... so Sky's DOG must be live too.
Later on during a business update on News 24 I checked to see if their DOG was live and up to date... so the DOG was reporting the FTSE 100 was up 6.9 points, over I turned to Bloomberg and CNBC who reporting that it was up 2 points.
I turned back and it was still on 6.9
It remained on 6.9 for about 2 mins before changing to 2 then stayed on 2.
I thought it might have been a tech. fault, as so often happens with graphics, so I checked later and it was still totally wrong!!
This time it was about 20 points out, why bother putting it up if it is reporting totally wrong information!?

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Would people who need to know the current EXACT equity prices need to rely on news channels. They would follow one of the biz stations or follow FTSE etc. somewhere else.

This is just one view.

I will now criticise SKY NEWS: I don't like the new FTSE dog
cat2,579 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Oh I like the FTSE Dog, but the point is...
If it isn't going to be accurate then why bother to put it up there in the first place?

Many small time investors will get quick updates from Sky and News24 without having to sit through a 3 hour long programme on either Bloomberg or CNBC, to get their news, so it is important for them to know what is going on.
cat2,579 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Yes but for god's sake this doesn't excuse the fact that the FTSE DOG is providing incorrect information!!!!
I don't care whether anyone looks at the bloody thing the fact is IT IS WRONG.
If they are going to present something on the channel as something that is accurate and reliable they should make sure it is, when it clearly isn't then they should take it down!!
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a) Accessing market data

The London Stock Exchange broadcasts real time market data through the London Market Information Link (LMIL). LMIL is a real time digital information feed that connects you directly to the London Stock Exchange.

Our data can be accessed through a 3rd party who is an existing London Stock Exchange market data vendor. We provide a regularly updated list of 3rd party data wholesalers.
b) Displaying market data (Licencing)

Whether you take information directly from us or not, you will need to have a licence agreement with the London Stock Exchange and pay the appropriate terminal charges if you wish to redistribute our data.

The licence is based on what type of service you want to offer to your customers

BTW, here is a link to the Broadcasting Suite Floor Plan http://www.londonstockexchange.com/media/floorplan_1_lrg.jpg
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Yeap, Pablo is right. All the figures which appear on N24 and the rest of the output is gathered by CEEFAX, which have a perminant data link with the LSE, and then circulated throughout the building. But like all data connections, they sometimes drop off.

It's not always obvious that the link isn't working until someone shouts at us to re-establish it