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Central (West) Midlands Today
A few minor bugs with the new graphics on their proper first outing. I notice every time there is a replay wipe the team radio graphic appears for a split second beforehand. The first few cars to drop out of the race didn't drop out straight away, I think Ericcson was showing IN PIT for ages when we'd already seen him come out of the car, and Gasly showed on track about 3 seconds behind the next car well after he had retired. They've moved the "battle for position" to the timing tower but aren't showing the interval between these cars - at one point the battle for 5th had about 10 cars in it. Lastly, I didn't see any graphics showing tyre strategy or number of pit stops taken at any point. If there are seperate km/h and mph graphics, Sky are taking the metric ones, so if ESPN are taking Sky's coverage, it kind of defeats the point.

I notice Mark Webber is now working for Ten in Australia, as pointed out by Ted Kravitz duting his Qualifying Notebook, so does this mean he is no longer part of Channel 4's coverage, or is he shared between the two?

Sky's new format "The F1 Show" was a bit of a bore, especially the start. Hope it improves in its new slot straight after qualifying.
Watch it and find out.
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At the start of the qualifying, Steve Jones mentioned that Mark will be with the Channel 4 team for some of the races and Coulthard will be at every race. I assume you'll see a lot more of Webber during the weeks where Channel 4 has a highlight show as he can record bits around the live Ten coverage but you probably won't see him during the live races on Channel 4.
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Indeed, Mark and Susie Wolff will join the coverage for next week's first live outing for Channel 4 in Bahrain. Lee McKenzie is taking this Grand Prix and the next one in China off so Channel 4 have drafted her old BBC colleague Tom Clarkson in. According to next week's EPG he will be presenting the practice sessions. Past two years whenever Holly Samos or Louise Goodman subbed, Steve Jones stepped in to anchor.
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UTV Newsline
I just saw the new F1 circuit maps on Channel 4 HD for it's live qualifying coverage. It feels really good with Ben Edwards commentary. The new look at the sector turns for this maps look excellent with the HD picture. What is the filler music over the new map graphics? Is there is more than one track available or is it the only one? Will this track be available for the start of every qualifying session & race day coverage?
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Im guessing you are on about the new Liberty designed start. The intro with the drivers has replaced the 10sec F1 logo formation/animation. The graphics and music that follows is what everyone now experiences on the official feed.
My contribution is small but you are welcome.
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