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There has been a fire in Southampton, which has completely destroyed a private collection of around 3000 cine film reels.



This was the archive for Pinedene FIlms, which ceased operating in 2012, and from what I've heard, they held recordings of TV programmes which are missing from official archives (such as Doctor Who), so this is a huge loss.
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It was nothing to do with TVS. It was all film, which hampered the fire fighters as a lot were burning in their cans so had to be opened and put out first.

According to the head of Kaleidoscope Pinedene's archive was mostly duplicates and their holdings had been checked numerous times and are sure there was nothing there that is missing. Though episodes of Dr Who and The Likely Lads were found there years ago. They ceased trading in 2012

Some details here
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Inspector Sands14,144 posts since 25 Aug 2004
Then have two duplicates... there's no excuse for archives burning up.

Surely it depends on how valuable/important the material is, as Dosxuk says its all about priorities.

I don't think there's many film archives that will have an total duplicate of everything in a different location

In the Southampton case the archive did apparently mostly copies of stuff that exists elsewhere. When it was active he was selling to collectors and enthusiasts
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