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Fiona Bruce

(June 2001)

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Steve Naylor
Just been reading on Media Guardian of an interview with Fiona Bruce in which she reveals her ambition to be a main presenter on the Six and Ten O'Clock News (they still call it Nine on the site!) within the next few years.

Apparently she also says some ITN presenters are just chosen for looks...

What do you think of Fiona Bruce? I think she's a really good presenter who I can see presenting the Ten when Buerk and Sissons retire (as the site suggests).

The link is:,7493,499872,00.html
Davidjb Founding member
I totally agree that Fiona Bruce should become a main presenter of the Six and Ten not just to cover other absent presenters.
She's a very good presenter -- and she'd be great on the Ten.
Mr Voiceover
I dont like FB - her voice is too deep, and I think it was insensitive to replace Jill Dando with her on Crimewatch UK - the BBC should've waited at least until the current trial of her accused murderer was over, before even contemplating bringing in FB to fill her boots - no one can replace Jill, no matter how much the Beeb want to!!
Something that I don't really understand is why did they axe Moira with the relaunch of the 6 a few years back. I think she's the greatest British newsreader -- I think the beeb should get rid of Peter Sissons (I really don't like him) at the Ten O'Clock News and put Moira in his place

And I think they really waste Moira's talents on Breakfast…
Square Eyes Founding member
That Fiona Bruce has got a right nerve to slag off the female ITN newscasters. Good to see ITN have hit back, they said

'We are surprised a journalist as good as Fiona Bruce should seek to disparage fellow women journalists working at ITN.

'We are enormously proud of ITN's female journalists working for ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and the ITN news channel.

'We note many of them cut their journalistic teeth at the BBC'

ITN listed the following newscasters / journalists who have either decades of experience or started their careers at the BBC

Katie Derham, Kirsty Young, Juliet Bremner, Mary Nightingale, Caroline Kerr, Shiulie Ghosh, Jo Andrews, Elinor Goodman.

Double standards there then by Ms Bruce.
Isonstine Founding member
I think that 2 presenters should be reinstated to the 6. It was like that for a few years and the regions still do it! (Well some of them anyway)

Also News 24 was funny the other morning, Nick Robinson was discussing the Election events for that day and about Michael Portilo's comment about not having a hat because it would cover up his best feature. I wish I could I remember what was said but the whole News 24 studio was having a good laugh about it!
I think Fiona Bruce should definitely be the main presenter of the 6.
I've heard that Buerk and Sissons are to be 'eased out' over the next year on the 10, and replaced by George Alagiah.
What do we think to that?
Time for a good, logical argument.

I don't like her.  I don't know what it is, I don't have any sensible and astute arguments, there's just something about her and I just don't like her for some reason!  I much prefer Sian Williams and Sarah Montague.

<<Edit>> (I've thought of one half-sensible reason)
When she does the update at 6:15, she doesn't wait for the double-beat of the thunderclaps, she just reads straight on and reads over it.
(That's the only thing I can think of to write about, but there really is just something about her - sorry!)

(Edited by ian at 2:18 pm on June 2, 2001)
Square Eyes Founding member
Yes I agree, I don't like her, I would choose any woman at ITN over her. Oh whilst I'm at it, has anyone seen Nina Nanar on ITV/ITN, what a great name.
Nina Nannar came from BBC Midlands Today, where she was for years. Then, all of a sudden, she's jumped ship to ITN.

Like you care. But I thought I'd tell you anyway! Smile
itsrobert Founding member
Aah, you beat me to it!! I read the article in the Daily Mail on a flight last night from Gatwick!! I was thinking, Hmm, I must post a thread about this! I get home to read about 9 pages of threads!!!

I'm not that keen on Huw Edwards or Fiona Bruce. I think Nicholas Witchell would be better, along with Sian Williams, and stand ins (Friday) could be Clarence Mitchell or Moira Stuart, and for stand ins in general, Peter Coe, Philip Hayton or Heather McCarthy.

I agree that George Alagiah would be better on the Ten, and perhaps Jennie Bond could be brought back - I used to like her.

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