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cylon63,589 posts since 6 Mar 2005
I think Soccer Saturday is just such an entertaining show and Jeff Stelling is the best sports presenter in this country. Ray Stubbs is as dull as ditchwater and the panellists on Final Score are devoid of any charisma.

However I think Soccer Saturday really misses Rodney Marsh's presence, some of the people they use are very dull (fortunately only one or two), and too afraid to have an opinion.
James Vertigan3,166 posts since 2 Jun 2001
Soccer Saturday was rather entertaining today, at one point Jeff read out a scoreline that had just come through and the scorer, he then went to the ground for a live phoned in report where the reporter could be heard saying "Who scored?" cue uproarious laughter from everyone in the studio... then later on Jeff Stelling's celebrations after Hartlepool managed to score a goal in their game today!
rmc75 posts since 6 Apr 2004
Please bear in mind that what some consider dull can be fascinating to others. I can assure you that discussion of television techniques can seem appallingly dull to many.

Equally, what can seem very amusing to some can seem very childish and dull to others.

Sky and the BBC serve different markets. My favourite digital channel is BBC 4 for example. That gives me what I need, and I fully accept it can seem very dull to others. Equally some like Sky's style. Like I said before, some people like downmarket rubbish, others don't.
Rob Del Monte530 posts since 30 Dec 2005
There is a fatal flaw (or I'm just slow) in their graphics.

I reported that West Ham United FC had won 2–1, on my weblog, only for us to (fortunately [no bias there Wink!]!) score another goal. though, yes, there is no clear distinction between finished games, and games that are still in-play. I was totally un-aware that the premiership had started again, and I put it on, by chance alone! They could put games in play in brackets, or scores in brackets and/or a different colour.