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Filmfour Returns on DTT!?

(June 2002)

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By the look of things Film Four s back on DTT or is staying. I never had the subsciption but now, the "Insert your smartcard" or "Not included in your subscription" messages are displayed instead of the Filmfour closed thing. This is not the case on E4. The now/next is missing on E4 but not on Filmfour. Any card holders been able to view F4?
Pete Founding member
I think that the box blocks F4 after 6pm every night.

I don't think it has anything on it, it'll prob still be the caption.

If you remember when the ITV DIGITAL Collapse captions were on you had to have your smartcard in to see them.
Square Eyes Founding member
Don't channel use the Film Four frequency for showing Four Extra when things like Cricket and Horse Racing clash.

I know the test match isn't on Channel 4 at the moment, but when they used Four Extra it was free to air before Film Four came on, so it may have something to do with that.
cwathen Founding member
There's a preview until 6/7PM every night for FilmFour - the preview is (obviously) FTA so during the day the 'service closed' caption is broadcast FTA. After the channel starts it becomes encrypted and you need to be a former subscriber of FilmFour in order to carry on seeing the caption. This is because for some reason C4 are still running the encryption system on FilmFour, even though the channel has left. EPG listings also continue to run for FilmFour.

E4 however does not have any encryption running and no longer has any EPG information. However, things are happening with their service closed card during the day; As pointed out by other people the E4 closed card changes aspect ratio from 16:9 full frame to the 16:9 letterbox/4:3 switchable mode depending on whether the programme on E4 is in widescreen or not.

As I said before, C4 are quite keen to get FilmFour and E4 back up with any new pay TV broadcaster that emerges, so I wouldn't expect these service closed cards to go anywhere for the time being.

I do wish that the defunct ITV Digital multiplexes would stop transmitting the channel information though. It's so depressing for my box to continue to find things like Sky One, UK Gold et al which I can no longer watch.

As I said before, I've taken to turning the favourites on and making all broadcasting channels a favourite so I don't have to run through the sea of dead channels when using the P+/- buttons.
I just switched to Filmfour and the ONdigital banner informed me that the channel is not included in my subscription, but it's only 10:20am! I've only ever seen this happen before 6pm before.

So it appears that the encryption is now running all the time, even outside of their normal broadcast hours.

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