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On the 2nd of December 1953, the first ever british ident was released. The ident was called Batwings and was made for the BBC. The ident lasted 7 years and paved the way for more TV idents.

One of my favourite ident was the ITV1 2002 idents. I like it becuase of the music and the set where they shot it does look quite nice.

What I want to know is, what is your all time favourite TV Ident.

Christmas and Special idents are allowed in this.
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Granada North West Today

Beautiful. Lambie-Nairn were firing on all cylinders in this period.

Am I right or wrong in saying that ident was reserved for serious news events only (such as September 11th) - I think I might have read that on here. Similar to BBC One and ‘Ballet’ in the 2002 set, and later ‘Moon’ in the 2006 set.
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The Carlton ident I posted was primarily designed I think for serious occasions, and it came in very useful in the days after 9/11 as it was pretty much the primary ident in those days.

They did have another ident that was almost always (in Central land anyway) used into the local news:
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I still think this is beautiful, and holds up well today considering it's 30 years old.


I’m unsure if I’ve seen that before but what a lovely Ident with a fantastic musical score. I love how instead of the announcer dipping the audio there is a build up to the more muted score that they could talk over. It’s simple yet so effective. I wonder if any channel would return to one beautifully crafted Ident again.