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Could it have been an electrical fault, that then caused something in the Pres suite on BBC1 to trip? Certainly, when we hear Andy Taylor the first time, it sounds like static electricity is causing the sound distortion.

Seems like a plausible explanation - when it comes back, we briefly see the film before it goes to the breakdown slide. I think the film has continued playing during the fault and has then been paused - as obviously the video was okay, even if there was no sound when they tried to go back to it.
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This may have been posted before, in the 95 pages of this thread. The "Richard Littlejohn Live & Uncut" clip from LWT, where some unsuitable content (!) is switched to air - not knowing whether LWT's Pres Desk was mostly hard-wired sources, or whether VTs and studios were assigned to the desk as Outside Sources, I don't know quite how this would have happened.

My assumption, having seen the clip few times (and I saw it happen live) was that someone, most likely in LWT's MCR had the other channel, RTL, on the router for 'monitoring purposes' and it got accidently got routed to the OS line
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This has been posted in this thread before it seems, and probably numerous times elsewhere on this forum, but I don't think I've actually seen it until now. It's probably the most dramatic breakdown I've seen yet. The picture and sound on a film cuts suddenly to black, then fifteen seconds later there's a brief burst of static to scare the living **** out of you - what happened there?

My first thought was that the actual transmitter had broken down, but I don't think that would be the case with the interruption being so short. When the announcer first comes back, his voice is distorted, so it must have been quite a major breakdown rather than it being something like forgetting to change the film reel.


The CA seemed very calm though. Very well handled.
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Not so much of a breakdown, per se, but once, in the 1990s, a BBC news bulletin finished on BBC1, and we went to the weather. But, instead of the presenter in vision, going through the various moving images, we could only hear Bill Giles, talking over a map they usually would use at closedown, when the duty CA done the weather out of vision. This map had the descriptions in summary over the appropriate areas.

When the forecast started, Bill Giles explained all. There had been a power cut where the weather came from, and the lights had only just came back on a few minutes before he was due on air. So, we had the unusual situation of Bill Giles doing the weather out of vision.
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26 minute compilation of TV channel breakdowns, mostly American but some Australian and British, including some I've not seen before.
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Apparently Sky had a fault during the darts last night?

Yes, there was a fault during the Darts last night however this breakdown was weird as on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Ultra HD viewers saw the last leg of one match in full.

However, on Sky Sports Darts which is a temporary rename for Sky Sports Arena, the picture froze halfway through the last leg with resulted in an apology caption coming up.

So some viewers were affected some not and too make matters worse the music had one of the worst loops ever.
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