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Not sure, but I guess they may have realised that when they introduced the clean feed for the nations they could route the same feed to TC9 and allow them to join programmes via transitions and credit squeezes before NC1/2 took the programme directly.

That might have been after they left TV Centre. I don't think the suites there had the facility to do an output with the programmes clean. IIRC they had to select the correct source.

There was a time (I wish I'd recorded it now) where the presenters interviewed some celebrity, and the intro was playing on the screens like the credits are here.

But it took so long, they never actually managed to introduce the show in the time the intro had. However the episode didn't follow, the intro just looped again (straight away, it's not like it rewound on air) and then the presenters apologised and introduced the show and then it switched to full screen.

This was around 2004/2005 ish. So I'm wondering if the CBBC gallery had individual versions of the intros/credits and pres played out the episodes, or whatever was on these screens was the 'nations and CBBC feed', and someone in pres was quick thinking and replayed the intro.
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If I remember rightly, this was from an era where CBBC were using two studios regularly, TC2 and TC9. TC2 in the main was used for live links on the CBBC channel and TC9 for the live afternoons on BBC One, the birthdays slot on BBC Two and prerecs for CBBC Prime, BBC Two breakfast club and so on. TC9 had its own VT area, where vt operators from presentation would work providing the playins. TC2 however (on the cbbc channel) would take programmes played from the cbbc presentation area via a circuit into the gallery and back to presentation. Presentation would cut directly to the server playout to allow TC2 to rehearse the next link.
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From your description I'd say TC9 had a loop of the titles to play on the screen in one machine and the programme either in another or coming up the line from pres and the latter failed to start for whatever reason.

They used to clip bits out of the programmes and record them to server so they could run a loop of the titles of programmes in the studio screens, or preview clips during the links/interviews
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One that I remember from News at Ten, in the early 1990s, was at the end, when after the credits were shown, we saw a satellite image of earth. The ITN logo would then come in from behind us and onto the image, at the end of the music. Occasionally though, there would already be an ITN logo there for some reason, and so the ITN logo would come onto the ITN logo already on screen!
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