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Rain caused some trouble at Wimbledon in 2002, which meant BBC1 made the decision to show BBC News at One as planned with Wimbledon on BBC2, problem is, the BBC1 ident (the same ident that went out on BBC1) goes out on BBC2 with a very confused announcer!

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I’m sure someone posted another example upthread where a BBC One ident went out on BBC Two (or vice versa) when there was a schedule change. The explanation given was to do with how the idents are loaded onto the server, but I can’t say I understood it. Can anyone clarify?
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Nothing to do with how they are loaded onto the server. If it happened like above when things moved between channels It'll be because the director copied that part of the schedule from the other channel and forgot/didn't have a chance to change the idents. The system doesn't care or know that that video clip shouldn't be used on that channel it will play what it's told

That shouldn't be too difficult to do it, it'll just be a case of copying one of the idents scheduled later or they'll be on a template or similar list
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Lewismpsmith179 posts since 12 May 2018
Meridian (South East) South East Today
Sky Sports had a wobble just now where right after an ad-break, the screen literally cut to black.

Somebody at Sky had clearly pulled the wrong plug!

I was anticipating a breakdown caption but it only went off for about 10 seconds. On Main Event the DOG remained on screen throughout.

Exactly the same thought as me. Was thinking a breakdown caption was eventually going to appear but the picture did come back.

The DOG remained on the screen throughout on "Football" too.
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When I was living in Northern Ireland, I remember a time in 1991 when BBC Belfast had to evacuate the Broadcasting House in Belfast, and transmission was transferred to BBC One in London and the South-East. I remember my mum and dad were waiting for Inside Ulster to air at 5.35pm, as BBC One NI used to air Neighbours at 6.30, suddenly the picture froze and we went straight to a BBC One London/SE continuity, and into Neighbours.

We knew something was a miss here, and after the Six O'Clock News we went straight into Newsroom South East with Guy Michelmore. Baffled at this, but delighted to see a different region for once.

I remember BBC Radio Ulster aired a bulletin at 7pm, apologising for the disruption, and they were back in the building, a false alarm.

Inside Ulster was back at 9.28pm.

I remember that too. They managed to air “Inside Ulster News” with Sean Rafferty at 6:55 as normal (this update was introduced when the Six O’Clock news ending changed from 6:35 to 6:30) although it was from the main studio rather than the bulletin studio they usually used at that time.

There was another occasion where technical problems meant Inside Ulster was crashing in and out of Neighbours at 5:35 but didn’t manage to get on air until about 5:50.

Not a breakdown, but I remember that in the early 90s BBC 2 Northern Ireland used to air the BBC 2 South East programme “First Sight” complete with the South East ident at the start and trailers for South East local radio stations at the end. Not sure why, happened for a few years IIRC. The English regions opted out (it was the Thursday regional slot) as did Scotland and Wales but I think Wales aired it too, just at a different time.
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I can vaguely remember this breakdown from the 80s on STV. Some details are not there, as my 40 year old memory bank could be overdrawn, but this is what I can remember.

One afternoon, when an edition of Blockbusters was due to be shown on STV, the wrong edition was shown. What I can remember is, having not seen the full episode, the team of two were sitting on the white side of the contestants desk, with the individual sitting on the blue side, i.e. the positions reversed from normal.

After a few minutes, the correct episode was shown on STV, with the contestants in their correct places. As the credits rolled at the end of the episode, the announcer apologised for the break earlier, stating that the first episode we saw was actually meant for transmission in another region, and not for us.

I don't know if Central were networking Blockbusters that day, and they transmitted the wrong episode, or if STV were playing out themselves, and they managed to broadcast the wrong episode. Very unusual breakdown. If anyone can fill in the missing details, it would be appreciated.
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I don't doubt what you're saying, but I'm not aware of any particular reason why it would change just for one episode, it's documented they had a string of players ready for both sides (indeed this is how the Jive came about, somebody got bored and was waiting his turn). I have an abject feeling that if there were two "white player" contestants and only one "blue player" contestant then it was more likely to be probably a special or an insert in something else or maybe a spoof?

However that being said, the Sky One version (from 2000) inverted the positions around, so the quizmaster (Liza Tarbuck in that particular incarnation) was on the right, the players were on the left and the twin pair were on the left of the players row with the single on the right as you looked at it. It was the only incarnation of the show to do it that way, everything else was the traditional route. However that was never aired on ITV (the 1994 Sky series was but STV didn't take it).