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She says it's her last show there!

Sorry, couldn't listen to it properly

Notable show the show that precedes it ends with the "BBC TV" logo- that's the only post-1972 (when they started putting copyright dates on the end) example I've seen.

That'll be either Take Hart or Hartbeat going by the appearance of Colin Bennett
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UTV Newsline
When I was living in Northern Ireland, I remember a time in 1991 when BBC Belfast had to evacuate the Broadcasting House in Belfast, and transmission was transferred to BBC One in London and the South-East. I remember my mum and dad were waiting for Inside Ulster to air at 5.35pm, as BBC One NI used to air Neighbours at 6.30, suddenly the picture froze and we went straight to a BBC One London/SE continuity, and into Neighbours.

We knew something was a miss here, and after the Six O'Clock News we went straight into Newsroom South East with Guy Michelmore. Baffled at this, but delighted to see a different region for once.

I remember BBC Radio Ulster aired a bulletin at 7pm, apologising for the disruption, and they were back in the building, a false alarm.

Inside Ulster was back at 9.28pm.
Inspector Sands14,790 posts since 25 Aug 2004
Hart Beat I think given the theme tune. Which is a corker by the way...

Er yes, I really should listen to clips properly.

Incidently, good theme tune but I remember not warming to Hartbeat as a kid. I couldn't understand how come he had his own programme and then he was forced to share it with some slightly serious looking overly trendily dressed women
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The Nine O'Clock News was on BBC 1 at the time, in case there was any way that the audio from that could've been accidentally routed across from there, perhaps?

I've said this before, but I remember an episode of Points of View where you could faintly hear Food and Drink, which was on BBC2, in the background, and someone wrote in the following week and said that when they watched Food and Drink on tape after, they heard Points of View in the background. And they said someone had managed to stick two things the wrong way round.
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