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This one is not really a breakdown, but it's still an on-air goof. It's from an episode of SM:TV Live from August 2003, which I have on tape.

During the first half of an episode of The Flintstones, the picture suddenly disappears and we see a shot of the 'Garbage Hunt' set in the studio, with an appearance from presenter Des Clarke in character (David Dustbinman) causually walking across camera looking at his script...and then vision from the former returns.
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fortunately I grabbed it last year, knew it would come in useful Smile

For some reason it's come out small, but IIRC the video was uploaded to YouTube years ago when this was the standard way to do it before the higher quality options came along and YouTube just blows it up to fit the player so this may be how it was originally made. Still its better than nothing.

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Pretty interesting find here whilst I was watching an old FA Cup tie on YouTube.

During a match between Manchester City and Liverpool, the picture starts glitching up (particularly here on 1:10:26)

Eventually the picture glitches up and dies, leaving an unearthly amount of black screen before BBC1's breakdown caption is finally thrown up (at 1:13:30)

The announcements are sadly cut, probably because the owner wanted to record the match and not a breakdown caption for about 3-4 minutes!

Just thought this was a pretty good find nonetheless. Smile

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SonicBen2706 posted:

If you look at 9:28 the music stops and the ratio changes, then at 9:55 the music carries on and the ratio changes back. Wondering if due to the power cut something didn't reboot properly?

Look carefully and you'll notice that it's not just a change in aspect ratio, the two breakdown slides are different.

I think what you're seeing is them switching between the two playout areas that were operational at the time - the NTA which provided BBC1 and 2 analogue, and the DTA which did the 4 digital channels. The outputs of each were able to supply the other platform in various ways and they did routinely as one was phased in and the other phased out.

Hence you see one breakdown slide in 16:9 coming from the DTA and a 14:9 slide coming from the NTA (it wouldn't have been originally 14:9, that would have been an ARC on one of the circuits between the two areas).

They would have been switching between the two presumably because one had been affected more by the issue, or one was deemed more reliable
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