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Does anyone remember the 90s version of music channel “The Box” and if so being that it was all automated did it have any faults?

I've mentioned on here before about a very odd night on a similar music channel (Magic) in about 2003, when The Human League's Don't You Want Me started playing over and over again on loop - sometimes another music video would play but then Don't You Want Me would be back immediately afterwards.

I couldn't work out whether it was a playlist error that kept rebooting back to the beginning, or some obsessive Human League nut was calling up the phoneline requesting the song over and over again.
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I'm sure it was the latter, I think the way those channels worked was that when a song was on the playlist, it wouldn't be added again until it had been played. That's definately how it was on The Box in 2000/2001, because when it crashed the playlist used to reset and at times I'd take a note of what viewers were selecting and what played.

The thing with the playlist being reset with the multiple crashes, meant all those selections made by people ringing a premium rate phone number kept getting lost would have been quite an outrage after the premium rate scandal. I guess it's not suprising those channels lost their selection aspect not long after that kicked off.

There was one night in 2000 where Same Old Brand New You by A1 was played numerous times. The system kept crashing that evening, and it was clearly the first song programmed to play after the reboot. Occasionally during that period they'd switch to a backup system too, which you could identify as the song selection numbers were in a different colour.

I seem to remember reading that towards the end of the era of those channels being "jukeboxes", the playlists techinically weren't compiled directly be requests, instead they looked at how often each song was being selected and compiled a playlist roughly based on that.
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I think Starz TV is the only music channel that runs with the old-school jukebox format, everybody else just runs the videos (or "programme" I suppose when Christmas comes round).

I presume its mostly automated but it uses a text based setup, £1 a time. It always looks like its going to fall over and is presumably powered by hamsters and a wheel. Smile
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Here's a Cartoon Network breakdown from early in 2002, from a screenshot I uploaded to the PP years ago. I saw something similar happen with News 24 a few years earlier, on both occasions a still image with no audio.

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