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Colm posted:
Was there more leeway from the IBA for the smaller companies (UTV in particular) who may have lacked the necessary resources, and could only broadcast these type of advertisements live?

Thinking of Ulster Television, one of their announcers, who freelanced for the station before taking up a full-time contract, was the face of a local supermarket chain's TV advertising campaign (and was replaced by a BBC NI journalist - at least for their in-store promotional videos!)

I imagine those supermarket chain advertisements weren't scheduled during shifts when this announcer was on freelance duty, in a similar way to Jennifer Clulow's Cointreau adverts not appearing on TVS or TSW when she took up announcing shifts at those stations?

I'd forgotten about the Jennifer Clulow thing.
Even the smallest ITV companies surely had NAB cart machines to play in audio 'snippets', although (my ex ILR radio colleagues of the era tell me) they were a nightmare to get to conform to IBA COP. ?