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Steve699 posts since 9 Apr 2001
In the Granada area up to a few years ago we had in-vision announcers all with individual personalities:
CHARLES FOSTER - Married to actress who plays Eunice Gee in Corrie. He has worked for ASDA ( special offers over the speakers ) also in Corrie and Brookie also acts in local theatres.
JIME POPE -Still the voice over man for University Challenge. COLIN WESTON ( brill! ) - no idea. JOHN MCKENZIE - no idea. BEVERLEY ASHWORTH- I think a bit of voice overs for Shop! MALCOLM BROWN - joined TVS, now voice over for Screenshop and Travel Channel - any others you may know?? Sadly we no longer see any announcers - now hidden behind idents and some even pre-recorded.
Nick D
There was one announcer you didn't say, Donald Avison. Donald Avison now works at Hospital Radio SKEBA (Seacroft Hospital) on a Thursday night show 9.00 - 10.00. I know this because I work the 7.00 - 8.00 shift! Donald is unpaid for this, but my is he polite! Anybody heard of him, he's great and really funny!
Steve699 posts since 9 Apr 2001
CHRIS KAY ( from the mid seventies ) - went on to do voice overs for TV ads and also worked at Yorkshire as announcer. MICHAEL-le MOIGNAN- ( again the seventies ) went to work in Australia. Then in the past few years his name popped up as ( I think ) programme associate on the joint Granada / Australian TV programme ' Families '. ANY OTHERS YOU REMEMBER?