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It amazes me that we seem to have reached the stage that when there are gaps in the schedule, the first thought is not "there's been a cock-up and something's missing", but some bizarre conspiracy theory.

See also this cracking DigitalSpy thread for another example - https://forums.digitalspy.com/discussion/2323462/bbc2-schedule-for-saturday-2nd-feb-2019
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Some exciting news about the show!

- The interval act in the final will be a medely with 8 ex-winners to celebrate the 65th anniversary. Some winners will perform live in Ahoy, but some will also perform at well-known locations in the city Rotterdam (such as the Erasmus bridge and euromast, etc). That will also be with the public, but pre-recorded. However, it must feel like it is live. Those winners who participate are: Gigliola Cinquetti (1964), Lenny Kuhr (1969), Teach In (1975), Sandra Kim (1986), Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan (1994),
Alexander Rybak (2009), Duncan Laurence (2019).

- Every show opens with images of freestyle dancers moving around the Netherlands.

- Duncan will sing a special version of 'Arcade' in the first semi final. The second semi final will be opened by breakdancer Redo.

- And about the stage.... There will be a second (transparant) LED Wall !

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Can't wait to see the stage in action. Is the transparent screen at the back of the arena or running down the middle? Looks like the middle to me: a bit like U2's Experience and Innocence tour
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Before The Greatest Dancer it was said Graham Norton is making an announcement after the show ? Could it be something to do with the UK entry?
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Twitter Eurovision Meltdown imminent ........................................................................ Maybe. Very Happy

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