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The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Second Semi-Final, at the Expo Tel Aviv (International Convention Center), Tel Aviv, Israel, is just starting on BBC Four. Good luck to tonight's 18 semi-finalists, may the best ten qualify to Saturday night's Grand Final.
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Quelle Surprise

... Not!

Not liking this trend (well, it's happened twice) at all - let the Americans have the Super Bowl Halftime Act - the Eurovision interval should be for something different.
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Is the sound mix slightly off for anyone else? I seem to have the mix coming out of surround speakers and the centre very low. Might have to go good old stereo
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France 4 broadcasted the semi-final without any major technical problem (only minor, and short, sound issues). And during the breaks, they didn't show anything else than what took place in Tel Aviv.

However, the commentators are still awful here in France, chatting more or less meaninglessly instead of translating the anchors' interventions and interviews, sometimes even resulting in amputating one or two seconds of songs.

Interesting that France 4 took the feed with heavier sponsorship and product placement. The UK, Norway, Denmark and Sweden I've checked and they had a sponsorship-free feed (rather than masking sponsored elements) I believe Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Israel may also have had a sponsorship-free feed.

(Denmark took a sponsor-free feed, but ran a pre-show MyHeritage sponsor bumper, as I guess in Denmark out-of-show sponsorship is allowed, as it is in Sweden and Norway for international shows I believe. Melodifestivalen's final is 'international' as they make it available free-of-charge to the Baltic states I believe...)



France 4 also don't seem to have used the host broadcaster style for any of their additional graphics.


They did - however - manage to remain on-air until the contest had finished.

Interesting. I wonder if the two main satellite feeds (one on 7°E and one on 10°E) are actually carrying separate versions then in that case? One with the heavier sponsorship and one without.

I also wonder how the BBC get their feeds back? Presumably they receive the EBU master feed off either 7°E or 10°E like everyone else, but are also backhauling their own content aired in the breaks via satellite and then mixing it back in the UK? Or do they mix it all in Israel and then send their own complete feed back over satellite?

Curious as mentioned on Tuesday with the feed cutting out at exactly 22:10 as if the booked slot had ended on the BBC’s link, presumably it’s not as simple as them having a satellite dish on-site at the BBC HQ/playout downlinking the EBU satellite feeds directly?
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Netherlands wont win it. The song is badly sung and the staging is underwhelming compared to Switzerland, Australia and Sweden.
I can see the ebu worse nightmare, Russia winning, its a good song but the country is possibly too toxic for the UK to participate in next year.
Have a feeling I wont get many of my predictions qualifying tonight with Romania, Croatia and Austria all looking like they will.