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Eurovision 2019

Israel - KAN - Tel Aviv - SFs 14, 16 May - Final 18 May - UK - Michael Rice. (May 2018)

If we're off to Tel Aviv I guess it could only be held in the Menora Mivtachim Arena

Looking at it's layout, the concert layout is very small (about 5,00) so I wonder of we could see a Eurovison "in the round" on a central stage with a 360 degree audience?

That would be very interesting
It's never been done in the round before but I would certainly be up for it. The issue probably is how will it would work on television though.

If they do condense it down to 5,000 they're going to have to do something about the atrocious way the system was abused last year.

I was present at all three broadcast shows, all three of them supposedly sold out yet there were scores of empty seats. Initially I was on the very back row of Tier 2, having paid over €300 on Viagogo, but an old geezer wanted an asile seat and via a steward asked if I'd swop to the third row on Tier 2 instead? Didn't need asking twice! But I was then able to move to the front row, which was entirely empty slightly to the left of me which I did for the results as the TV screen was blocked by a speaker array. Yeah, "sold out."

You're right though. That arena looks really small. You could always move the Green Room backstage but that would be an atmosphere killer. That was the one misfire from SVT in 2013 IMO.
Liechtenstein broadcaster is yet to join the EBU.
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Something that's bugged me for a while...

You know how on the semis BBC Four do their own credits and then a pushback on BBC One, but credit the show with a BBC Studios copyright caption... could this be construed as "passing off" an RTP etc. production as a BBC one?
Jon Central (West) Midlands Today
I guess the final product you see is a BBC Studios one, in the same way the final product you saw in the World Cup was a BBC or ITV Sport one obviously there is much less BBC/ITV input than in the football.

I don’t think anyone for a second would believe the whole event is a BBC production and I certainly don’t think that is the intention.
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Interesting that Kazakhstan is the second associate EBU member to join Australia in an EBU event. Kazbar Agency will send a representative to the 2018 Junior Eurovision in Belarus

noggin Founding member
Something that's bugged me for a while...

You know how on the semis BBC Four do their own credits and then a pushback on BBC One, but credit the show with a BBC Studios copyright caption... could this be construed as "passing off" an RTP etc. production as a BBC one?

Just checked back my recordings. The semifinals and finals were handled differently.

The BBC One credits DIDN'T have a BBC copyright caption, just a BBC Studios logo. There was no BBC copyright line with the logo.

The BBC Four credits DID have a BBC Studios logo and a BBC copyright line, presumably because of the original production in the opt-outs which the BBC will retain the rights for.

No - I don't think in the context of the show where the host producerers are repeatedly referred to in commentary, that this could be construed as passing off the production as a BBC Studios one - particularly given the content and length of the credits...
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That I get but the international credits aren't shown at all on BBC Four, although the non-competitive content is hacked to bits, the non voting final in particular took the p**s this year. I couldn't believe how much they dropped when I get home and watched it back - nearly everything from the first recap to the end of the interval commercial break was cut, but in the voting final only one VT hit the cutting room floor. Dropping the green room "banter", I get - a lot of it is pretty awkward.

I have to say though, I wouldn't be averse to Rylan taking on all three shows solo. I thought he did a truly excellent job. Really bought into the spirit of things and he was much more positive on air. Nevertheless, I hope if a minor miracle happens soon, the BBC would consider him as host.
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Whataday Founding member Wales Wales Today
Each of the Big 5 can consider the final and semi finals "their" production due to the amount of money they put into it.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Do they still produce some elements of the coverage - for example the BBC at one point were responsible for the scoreboards.
Here's to the next 20 ye.....

BBC don't do scoreboards any more. Certainly the last two years have been the same setup just with different skins.

M&M Productions have covered the show technically since Stockholm, but do use local staff in a number of roles. Kyiv was a very international team but Lisbon less so - depends on where the knowledge and expertise is.

17 days later

A genuine risk that Israel won't be hosting now, and this seems a bit more serious than the Kyiv situation:

I would imagine the EBU won't want to move the show unless it's an absolute last resort. Kyiv stayed put, although a very International team, generally a mixture of the Dusseldorf/Baku, Malmo/Stockholm and Copenhagen crews, took over.

That said, I understand KAN have their main creative people already appointed.

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