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I notice from this post on WiwiBloggs that much of the production operation is being put out to tender, with some pretty bloody stringent requirements.

Another very international team this year?
Central (East) East Midlands Today
True. Some people bemoan the loss of national identity but I think every show has still kept a national flavour.

The Nordic shows have told their stories through humour. Copenhagen didn't tell much of a Danish story, but the two Swedish shows did - Swedish Smorgasbord in 2013 and then in 2016 that brilliant VT showcasing Sweden's role in pop music. Vienna also played on its rich musical heritage. Kyiv was bit more neutral but it still showcased local culture at points, especially in SF2's interval and a nod to their Eurovision history with Ruslana and Verka Seduchka. Lisbon played on their seafaring heritage and certainly the laid back presentation style reflected the local culture.

I can already see Tel Aviv have taken their lead from the Star of David with their triangles, and rumour has it we'll be seeing Dana International perform at some point; and it would be remiss to not celebrate the positive messages that night in Birmingham sent out. IBA took a massive risk and in the first year of mass televoting, the public said - "we like that." That was a huge deal, even moreso than Conchita 16 years later. Indeed, many people cite that year as the "coming out" of the show, based on the BBC's decision to put the out-and-proud gay men in the audience prominently in-shot at several points.
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You're right - I was too young to be following Eurovision back in 1998 (even though my earliest memories of it are from Oslo 1996) but Dana International winning in an era where in some of the represented countries it was still illegal just to be gay, let alone transgender, is genuinely quite astonishing. I remember being happily amazed when Nadia Almada won Big Brother, six years later and it still felt like a huge event.

Terry Wogan described Conchita Wurst as a "freak show" in a regrettable interview shortly before his death, which makes me all the more relieved he stopped commentating when he did.
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Terry Wogan was a legend of the Eurovision and lets face it Conchita Wurst is something of an acquired taste. Eurovision was good, but unfortunately although I still watch it, it feels like it is losing its way. Australia should never be part of it, I know you don't need to be in Europe to be in the EBU but Australia is just too far away from Europe. It is getting to the point of if your not gay well you don't really belong as with all the 'in' jokes on the night. Also songs are becoming too Political which I thought were against the rules of the contest but there have been some clearly political statements made over the years. The voting which I always enjoyed has lost the excitement of the building of the scores and all 40+ countries able to vote need to be reduced to the 25 or so that make it through to the final to keep the voting process management and not the 'here are the points' announcement.
Central (East) East Midlands Today
I totally get the Australia thing, though. When I went to Lisbon I was genuinely completely floored by just how many Aussies were there. Loads. Along with ourselves, Spain, Portugal and the Eurovision-obsessed Nordics, I'd say Australia provided a major chunk of the travelling fanbase.
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Looking like another late release of tickets this year, hopefully not as late as Kiev 2017 (February) or Moscow 2009 (March). Most years it's been November/December.

I'm wondering about my chances this year, there'll be less people applying than for Lisbon but there'll be much fewer tickets available in the first place.

In the UK fan club raffle I came 25th so I’m almost guaranteed a ticket for the week. Just need to sort out accommodation now.

I've decided to give it a miss next year, never been lucky in the fan club raffle however last year was very lucky, despite the rugby scrum of the general sale, to get into the golden circle for the grand final. As fabulous as that was, I've realised I'm getting too old to stand for 4+ hours packed in like a sardine so I'll be watching from the comfort of home with a bucket of wine and give everyone a wave. Stage design is very interesting and LED is back and perhaps also across the celiling by the look of it?
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Eurovision France gets underway on 12 January 2019 - ITV Studios France producing as last year.

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Terry Wogan described Conchita Wurst as a "freak show" in a regrettable interview shortly before his death, which makes me all the more relieved he stopped commentating when he did.

To be fair to Wogan, it was a quip about a "bearded lady" winning the contest. Many took this to be a bigoted remark, but Conchita's beard is definitely a gimmick of her drag act which is a reference to the concept of a "bearded lady", even if satirically.

The fact that Wogan presided over many contests with gay, trans and drag performers without similar comment suggests to me it was a comment about the beard, nothing else.
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Looks like Tel Aviv will be adding an additional Eurovision-themed campsite which will be constructed at the Ganey Yehosha Park.

Plus the semi-final allocation draw will be on January 28th and I'm sure that Eurovision's official YouTube channel will be streaming it live. It will be taking place at the stunning Tel Aviv Museum of Art
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This year’s theme.

Together as one in hating oneness.
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