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rdd3,153 posts since 21 Jun 2001
One novelty, for UK viewers, is the sting announcement on screen of 'Advertising' at the start of every break, commonplace over the Channel but new here.

Euronews do or did use to do that to, though I think some European countries (France???) require it.

Elsewhere, Sky EPG label change to "Eurosport 1 HD".
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And of course we see 'Werbung' before every break on German tv, and 'Reklama' in the Nordic countries.
But (apart from Euronews) this is an unexpected graphic.

Do we know if it's 'Advertising' europewide on the break bumps, or native language dependent on each territory?
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I've just posted this in the Paris thread ....

Eurosport's pan network coverage at 1100 was interesting, in that they had a series of cuts to remembrance activities at sporting fixtures they covered over their channels this weekend, including those for which they do not hold rights in the UK.

That one minute showed just how powerful the channels have become in certain markets with a broad swathe of rights held.