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End of the road for UTV?

Split from UTV - From City Quays 2 onwards (November 2020)

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ITV management now could not care less about regional identity. I bet if ITV could junk all regional news commitments they would, they have scaled back regional news to the bare bones limit required by regulations.

yeah... you're right. I suppose producing national programming is better source for revenue than dedicated local programming

Whatever happens, they'll still have dedicated programming for the nations, but in England, ITV still invest in regional news including sub-opts which were reintroduced after the last lot of cuts and a monthly regional Westminster show in all regions except Channel.

ITV also still does more hours per week than the small scale local channels where news is an interruption to playing music videos or simulcasting crap Freeview channels lower down the EPG. Or in the case of London Live, Covid-19 has been a excuse to stop producing the news.

The days of regional filler which on the whole were cheap as chips countryside formats have long gone.

Most of the Regional programming of yesteryear was utter rubbish that most people can live without (though I guess one man’s trash is another man’s treasure...). However I miss Central Weekend LIVE which was epic TV.

For all the criticism about ITV’s Regional News services, having realised that the previous Management team had gone too far in the last decade ITV have spent more on this type of programming since 2013. As rightly stated in previous posts, ITV still produce more localised programming than the Local TV network produce.

Heading back to the subject of UTV (along with ITV Wales), I hope that their National programming is produced for many years yet. Of course it’s not about what the channel is called, it’s about producing content for the Nations they serve. However a Welsh/Northern Ireland (delete as appropriate) ident or two, a pre-recorded announcement and some promotion for these National programmes (as opposed to Networked programming) isn’t too much to ask and I don’t mean simply adding the word ‘Wales’ or ‘Northern Ireland’ like tried (so badly) previously!
If it's all a business case let's have everything ITV do moved out of their VERY expensive London studios at TVC, offices in Holborn and playout in Chiswick. Why does playout need to be in London? Move it to Belfast, Edinburgh or Cardiff and have only Northern Irish, Welsh or Scottish voices on ITV continuity. Nobody will care.
Steve in Pudsey
The Chiswick operation is of course a third party provider. I suspect that within reason ITV won't care where it is.
And about half if it is in Salford / Leeds
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I bet if ITV could junk all regional news commitments they would, they have scaled back regional news to the bare bones limit required by regulations.

That’s not quite true is it?

Yes, as they want to offer national programming which attracts the biggest audiences and commercial revenue. Regional news and regional programmes are loss makers.

If you don't believe me, just look at the cut backs in regional news. Blink and you miss them updates on GMB. A pointless 4 minute lunchtime update. The evening programmes across a large chunk of the regions are pre-recorded, as they are split regions.

ITV News London at 6.00pm is largely pre-recorded too, as they have to share a studio with the national news, meaning even the London regional news on ITV is considered unimportant to not have their own dedicated studio.

You’re wrong. The final five minutes is pre-recorded. That’s the weather, the and finally and the handover to the Evening News. Big difference.
ITV News London at 6.00pm is largely pre-recorded too, as they have to share a studio with the national news, meaning even the London regional news on ITV is considered unimportant to not have their own dedicated studio.

By "largely pre-recorded" you mean the final link.

I personally don't care for regional announcers, but I do care for regional identity, as it brings a lot more regional flavour. I really hope that ITV aren't going to rebrand to ITV NI or ITV Ulster.

Does one letter on screen make it more regional? Most people in Northern Ireland have far bigger worries than whether they're watching UTV or ITV.

The last 15 minutes is usually pre-recorded, as they have to let the Evening News team come in and prepare, including a small rehearsal. On occasions the whole half hour is recorded at 5.30pm. I know this happens, from a visit to ITN a few years back.

And just to say, I can 99.9% guarantee that the whole half hour of ITV London, in recent years, has never been recorded at 5:30pm. The 5:30 promo, 5:55pm preview and 25 minutes of the show (give or take) is live.

15 days later

Ellisons Jewellers’s sponsored the full monty on ice here on UTV
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The tagline is Ellisons Jewllers's Sponsors of Christmas on UTV, and they're using the UTV logo. So I presume this is going to be aired all across Christmas. So the UTV name is going to be mentioned at every Christmas Show Ad break at least twice. The more you look at it, the more it's possible ITV will hang on to the UTV name on a purely Commercial Basis.

The Advertising Market for UTV is very Different to all other ITV regions. Not only do they have Adverts coming from London and Belfast Sales offices, they're also coming from Dublin. Even Campaigns that run in the Rest of the UK don't always run in Northern Ireland. Lidl is a good example of this. It's run as its own operation in Northern Ireland, and they're showing the Ads that are being shown in the Republic, which are Elves Helping to make Lidl the best Christmas shop possible, Lidl in Britain have those ads debunking other Supermarkets Christmas Ads.

When you watch UTV it still feels like UTV because of the Ads, it's a totally Different feel to the rest of the ITV Network.
yeah. the local voiceover says it all for me. that accent!
It still feels odd watching a promo for a local programme and it ends with the old endboard style and the UTV logo. If they want people to realise nothing but the name has changed (and only a slight change to something they wouldn't be strangers to anyway) then they should be using the new endboard styles and only the ITV logo, but have the voiceover the same. I highly doubt people will not watch Lesser Spotted Journeys or kick up a fuss if the trailer has "...on ITV" instead of "...on UTV" at the end. Using these small bits of dual branding seems like a waste of time and money, especially since they have confirmed the UTV look and continuity will not be coming back.
They haven't confirmed anything, just got rid of the dated local continuity.

In theory they could though retain the UTV brand but keep the ITV idents and continuity, just branding local slots as "UTV on ITV" in a similar way to the BBC3 on BBC1 strands.
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In April, local continuity announcements and branding between programmes were suspended to reduce risk and minimise the number of people in the Belfast office. ITV said that the changes had worked well and, as a result, it decided to make the modifications permanent. Continuity announcements will continue to be provided centrally, meaning there is no longer a requirement for local continuity announcers.

Sounds pretty confirmatory to me. Why bother hanging on to the UTV name if it will be used so sparingly? How many local programmes will it really need to be used for and trailers made for? It isn't worth the extra cost and time.

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