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The Blake's 7 pictures bring to mind the unusual circumstances surrounding the end of the third series. It was expected to be the last, and the final episode saw them go all-out with the explosive and very literal destruction of the spaceship set, only for a fourth series to be announced immediately after. The story goes that Bill Cotton was watching that night, and enjoyed it so much that he called Pres and told them to make the announcement.

A new ship was needed for the fourth series, built on the same stage and incorporating the same lifting section, which had been seen during the destruction of Liberator and was seen again during the destruction of Scorpio at the end of series four.
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Will these work in Zoom and will you need a green screen?

No green screen required. Just decent lighting and stable place your webcam.

For those who use Microsoft Teams, you can also add custom backgrounds to that via the following filename -
C:-Users-*your username*-AppData-Roaming-Microsoft-Teams-Backgrounds-Uploads .
Save your image in there and then it'll appear in the Background effects on the app. It only works with images though and not video Smile

*In the filename I've replaced the backslash with a dash as for some reason it won't show.

You do need a green screen for Zoom it seems. On Zoom, without a green screen it just changes the wall behind you. Your other objects in the room are still visible.
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