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Jez posted:
It shows how complicated - or efficient - soap filming actually is. I guess even in usual circumstances scenes in an episode could be filmed a month apart.

Exactly. In any one episode scenes could have been filmed between 4 and 8 weeks ago but they usually quote 6 weeks when they mention how far ahead they are.

I went to North Palm Beach where they film scenes for Home and Away last November and they were filming scenes at the Pier Diner (which you can actually go in and eat!) and managed to meet Ray Meagher and got a photo with him. Those scenes i saw being filmed last November rocked up on Channel 5 last week and in Australia in June.
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Jez Founding member Wales Wales Today
Sean Healy (Director) confirmed on twitter that last nights Emmerdale was the first full post lockdown episode.

So they had 13 episodes, which is around 2 weeks, that were left incomplete before filmed was suspended.
james-2001 Central (East) East Midlands Today
A long cry from the days that soaps were made more-or-less as live!

35 days later

Jez Founding member Wales Wales Today
Ive heard that both of ITV's soaps return to 6 episodes a week from 14th September. Corrie also has an hour long episode the Friday before.

I thought Emmerdale handled the death of Annie Sugden very well - shame more of the Sugdens aren't around apart from Victoria. But given the current circumstances they did very well. Annie was an original character and her presence has been felt in the show for many years after she moved to Spain.
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