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Back sporadically Tweeting but no response from 11S or BTS on the UFC issue. Leeds fans going a tad overboard crossing 11S and LUFC as the same business and the potential knock on effects of an 11S failure.

The media press has grasped this well and truly though. The prospects of additional rights for the service must be virtually nil in the short and medium term.

A very quick move either reassuring or otherwise surely must come in the next few days and definitely pre Christmas.

Sad for the staff but I have little to no sympathy for the management in their gun-ho approach which seriously put the service in jeopardy from the start with their operating model.

We’ll see, a quick takeover from a competitor would seem the best way out. I wonder if AZP might be interested to boost content prior to next year’s FAPL start in August.
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Amazon have, of course a broadcast licence with Ofcom. Just not using 'Prime Video' (licence application channel name) yet on Sky or VM.

Wonder if that is one is down to getting the ATP Tennis, and 20 games over 2 days of Premier League football, and a stipulation from the ATP/PL themselves.

Anyway, I can't be the only one who linked the failure of 11S to the failure by Leeds United and Derby County Chairmen to strong arm the other 90 EFL clubs into chucking out the Sky TV deal, and going back to 'the market' and mysteriously potentially awarding the rights to err.. 11 Sports. I wonder if last month a whole hen house of eggs was placed in that basket.

You'd also suspect UFC goes back to BT Sport, but I can see a little scuffle break out between BTS and Sky for Sirie A and La Liga live rights.
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Rumours of my demise, etc...

Possibly a pre-timed tweet published automatically?
DVB Cornwall8,322 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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Well discussion of the loss of Italian, Dutch and Chinese football has been in the Sport thread. Interesting to see a minor rights gain publicised tonight albeit from Spain, to which they are now even more indebted.