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Acceptable, just (and yes I am watching in Cornwall using a random Scottish Postcode to access the Player) on the NowTV 4K box. It is suffering from picture ripping in fast horizontal shots. A sad factor in the Roku range of products and live material. An interesting diversion nevertheless. It's surprising that it's in HD on the player though considering the STV content is still SD.
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Eleven Sports, a streaming service that aimed to become the "Netflix of sport", is at risk of closure after only four months, following its failure to secure distribution via established pay-TV operators and amid concern over mounting losses.

The Daily Telegraph has learnt that Eleven Sports is considering pulling the plug on its UK operation after the mixed martial arts competition UFC triggered an exit clause on its exclusive deal, which was due to begin in January. Crisis talks with other rights holders are ongoing in hope that part of the business can be salvaged.

The UFC deal, agreed in September, required Eleven Sports to guarantee widespread distribution via established pay-TV operators...

DVB Cornwall7,895 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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Interesting comment I've heard as to why no Carriage Deals are in place yet.

Seems that the stumbling block could be the 'right of access' for those who have already signed up. We are in a unique but easily repeatable situation where a broadcaster that has set itself up with their own access relationship with customers is now seeking to add third party interfaces too.

It seems reasonable that someone who's paid for app access would want access to broadcast too, so the broadcast platform owners would have to agree that some users would be allowed free through access as well as any resale sale customers.

If this is the case then it's a right mess to resolve.

Just bringing this up. Seems apposite with today's news.
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Didn't realise IMG had a stake in Eleven.

I suspect this is why Sky weren't too fussed about losing La Liga - they knew Eleven would struggle to make it work and hopefully it would be back on the market within a year at a reduced price.

This could also have implications for the recent rebellion of Championship clubs against the EFL. We don't seem to have heard much about that since the day the Sky deal was done, but it's no secret the owner of Leeds, also the owner of Eleven, was a driving force behind it.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?