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Get the feeling Sky and BT weren't too bothered about the loss of European football. Its decent schedule filler but clearly not driving subscriptions - can't see many subscribing for European leagues who wouldn't have already subscribed for the Premier League or Champions League.
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A very thorough checklist on that tweet. Makes getting Eleven Sports to appear on your TV look more complicated than it probably is, particularly as you'd need to own a Fire Stick already!

In any case, I'm watching for the first time courtesy of the STV Player from my house in, err... Glasgow. Zipper
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Also not sure if it’s been noticed, but the linear La Liga TV channel is gone, while Eleven Sports 2 is reduced down to a part time “as needed” channel.
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More OFF NOW than ON NOW then. Does the blackout prevent pre-recorded football as well?

Apparently so - its “any transmission of football” (subject to the other exemptions contained in the Regulations).
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Watching tonight, the reason why the linear LaLiga TV channel is gone is quite obvious - it’s not gone, Eleven Sports 1 has become it! The only Eleven Sports branding remaining on the channel is the DOG, with no advertisements and all continuity coming from LaLiga TV. Looking at the schedule all programmes are LaLiga, with the remaining other programming on the part time Eleven Sports 2 channel.