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It was removed this morning on the Sky EPG. EPG 532 has reverted to the SD version.

Apparently according to the Sky information thread on DS, UKTV have recently been testing EPG data for GOLD on the Eden HD stream on Sky.
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I must say that actually, I don't care and have never watched or even heard of any of the channels mentioned. However, as a consumer and Sky HD+ subscriber, I'm actually furious that something is available in the UK market in HD but not to me as a premium Sky subscriber.

Possibly Sky will hear this. I doubt it but, let's try: The Sky World HD premium subscription is taken on the assumption that nothing in the UK market will ever surpass it.

If this is not the case then Netflix, Amazon and Tacolneston off-air will do. Sorry Rupe..... Oh, and you know that BT Sport does better rugby coverage then Sky?