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EastEnders have just made a mock up weather slot. I presume it's from Breakfast as it's am on the show but you can tell it wasn't real as the clock wasn't in the 'Gill Sans' font! Talk about a giveaway! Well, us 'TV Fanatics' would've noticed it anyway!

Sorry, I didn't capture it!
Get it on the omnibus on Sunday. If they still have one - I've never watched eastenders.
BBC Choice
If anyone lets me forget to watch EastEnders on Sunday evening there'll be hell to pay!! Very Happy Very Happy
Well, they have been given a 120 million budget - to reward it on its success. And with the 4th episode, there might be more. Someone might be able to catch it on its omnibus or tonight on BBC Choice.
Yep, call me sad but I noticed that as well!

Later on though when isabel was doing the split screen weather the clock had gone tho!

I noticed that too. It just had the Weather warning Aston, didn't it?

For anyone who wants to know where it is, it's in Scene 2 in Pat's house!