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Mr-Stabby2,728 posts since 4 Feb 2004
A possibly pointless thread you might think, but sod it.

I was watching Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe not so long ago where he was talking about end credits, and he just happened to mention a VT editor called Mykola Pawluk. The name stuck because it's quite an uncommon name.

But it seems that every time i watch a BBC programme these days he's listed as an editor. His name is on early stuff like 'Are you being Served' but is also on current stuff like 'Mock the Week'. Not just BBC stuff either, he edited 'Whose Line is it Anyway' (i know Mock the Week is made by the same people) and quite a few other things.

Is there any info about him around? I ask because he appears to have worked on most of the well known shows on terrestrial TV over the years, so he must have some stories to tell. It would be interesting also to see what kind of an editor he is (being an editor by trade myself) whether he works only on multi-camera shows, did he once edit on video but now on computer? etc etc
Blake Connolly1,585 posts since 21 Apr 2001
I was thinking the same thing just the other day - saw his name at the end of Mock the Week and remembered the bit from Screenwipe.

It's a bit like Ken Morse doing rostrum camera for every documentry since the dawn of time. Looking at his filmography, he seems to have worked almost exclusively on comedy, which I guess would require a certain skill in editing to the correct pace and timing,
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Certainly involved in quite a few programmes looking at IMDB - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0668081/

I have the same problem with Hilary Briegel - I noticed the name on a programme years back, remembered the name (zero idea why) and now feel as though I'm playing a never-ending drinking game by spotting every programme vision mixed by Hilary Briegel. There's a lot.

Just like Ken Morse is the only rostrum cameraman in the country it seems.
Blake Connolly1,585 posts since 21 Apr 2001
Gavin Scott posted:
I used to think he was female.

In searching out that imdb link, I came across a quote where he said he was often mistakenly booked in the past to add a "feminine touch" to a production. Laughing
Mr-Stabby2,728 posts since 4 Feb 2004
Gavin Scott posted:
He used to vision mix "Who's Line..." in the early years.

I used to think he was female.

I think Charlie Brooker shared your opinion as i recall.

'Incidentally this is Mykola Pawluk, HE'S A MAN!'
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Barbara Hicks is another, always remember her because of her surname but she seemed to have been a vision mixer on loads of programmes.
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I think Charlie Brooker revealed the enigma of Mykola Pawluk and I saw a picture of him on Screenwipe.

But Ken Morse, always in charge of the Rostrum Camera. He's the one I'd like to know more about. Years ago The Late Show on BBC2 did a feature on him but they never showed his face.
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Johnny83 posted:
There's also the elusive Mike Agnew, his name pops up quite a bit as well Wink

He appears on several of the Red Dwarf DVD documentaries in relation to the model effects work.