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I don't think T4 should come back. E4 aims at that age range it would be pointless having two channels with small budgets doing the same thing. I think Channel 4 should replace 4Music with A4. A4 'America 4' will have most of the imports from 4music and E4. Then E4 keeping some imports can focus more on original content for a youth audience with the bigger budget. The new BBC three competing with ITV 2. I can see some of the music documentary's off 4 music and The Box sitting well on E4 as well as Trending Live. They could do a E4 Music: morning hit list show, showing music videos or better still have Little E4 have some kids programs on. I would also move E4 up the EPG like on Freeview move it to channel 18 or higher to give it better exposure. I also think More 4 should be come L4 'Living 4' as it's mostly that type of programming. The big USA dramas can move to A4. I also can see A4 and L4 logos working well like the E4 logo which will help the brand.

My Freeview channel line up idea:
013 E4
014 A4
015 Film4
018 L4
028 Channel 4 +1
029 E4 +1
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I’ll say what I always say when this issue is brought up, for me I see it as all shows that are produced by Box Plus are music shows and that 4Music is operated a music network.

However I can see my point slipping a bit, as now entertainment starts just after midday as a result of the (for now) axing of Trending Live. But I’ve been told that Box Plus are working through new ideas of bespoke artist led shows, and possibly some entertainment formats of their own.
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I might be wrong but I think 4Music is now classed as an entertainment channel that's why it moved up the EPG on Sky. Channel 4 also brought Bauer share of the Box network earlier this year meaning they now own everything. What I was saying is all the new show and everything Box does could find a new home on E4. This will give E4 more original content making it more original.
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There was actually T4 slot on E4 in the early days.

Seems quite hard as well to forget T4 showed a lot of cartoons and kids shows in its early days, they'd all basically gone by the early 00s. Though they'd gone from Channel 4 in general by then (bar The Hoobs and a couple of other early morning things) anyway. There's even some footage out there of T4 branding (but no in-vision by the looks of things) surrounding pre-school shows

I believe T4 on E4 originated in the weekday afternoon slot when the channel launched.

T4 at launch in 1998 was very odd. All of the promotional material was aimed at a teenage audience:

Even the set design with its black background, with neon and metallic designs seemed older skewed at the time, yet at launch T4 began around 5:45 with the idents and dog appearing on top of programmes such as Sharky & George & Sesame Street with Fran Lee doing links between the younger kids programmes from around 7 until 9 and Ben Shepherd taking over.

Everybody assumed it would stand for ‘Teen 4’, but I think some marketing bumph went with ‘Tots and Teens 4’ (or something like that). Within a year they changed it with T4 beginning around 8:30/9:00, changed the branding, moved into the reception (then the restaurant area) and repositioning themselves.

Yes, and the T4 astronaut idents reappeared a short while later with a standard 4 logo...
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Yes I appreciate it's not BBC Two, so most people aren't that interested. But the latest 2019 ident from E4 seems to have snuck out, this time around featuring a crazy lumberjack cutting down giant candy trees on a brightly-coloured and sugary planet. This capture aired last Wednesday at 10pm, although it looks like it's been around since the end of June (with thanks to Andrew for reminding me to review the recordings). A 20-second edit of this also exists.

Candy Forest
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